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The right tool for the job is the secret for fast, affordable and safe tree stump grinding. When you work with Trees N Stumps R Us, you can expect our team to work with trusted, professional equipment. Our machine can reach any part of your property to quickly eliminate unwanted tree stumps. Our powerful equipment will pulverize those stumps below the ground. If you need a reliable tree stump grinding and removal service in the Naples, FL area, get in touch with Trees N Stumps R Us today!

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We can grind your stumps into mulch to spread around the garden as filler for plant beds and fruit trees. Sometimes removing a tree stump is not necessary. During the estimate process, we'll give our recommendations and you can select the best solution for your needs. Trees N Stumps R Us is here to ensure you receive the best work for your property.

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Ready to begin discussing your needs with an experienced and local contractor? Get in touch with Trees N Stumps R Us today by calling! When you reach out, you will speak directly to a professional about your stump grinding and removal needs. We'll beat any estimate by another properly licensed and insured tree service company by up to 10%.

We offer services in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Collier County, and Estero!

Stump removal contractor in Naples, FL

Based out of Naples, Florida, we serve the neighboring towns of Bonita Springs, Lely, Marco Island, Estero, and Fort Myers with professional stump grinding and stump removal services. We're also frequently spotted in Everglades City and in many other places throughout Collier County, Florida - where other stump grinding and stump removal companies often do not serve.

As you can imagine, pricing is handled on a case by case basis because there are many factors that can impact the pricing of a stump removal or stump grinding project. Some of the most common factors that impact the price are:

  • The number of stumps to be removed or ground down.
    Obviously, the more stumps, the longer it is going to take to remove them or to grind them.
  • The size of the stumps
    Quite simply, some stumps are much larger than others. Larger stumps take longer to remove or to grind.
  • Access to the Property / Property Conditions
    Some "job sites" are just easier to work than others. It is very common across many parts of Collier County and Lee County, to have situations with difficult access or to have obstructions that make our work more difficult. These sorts of challenges may limit the type of equipment we can use and can add substantial time it takes to complete a stump removal or stump grinding project.
  • Types of Trees
    Certain trees are simply tougher to grind or to remove than others. There are many different types of hardwood trees that grow across Collier County and throughout Southwest Florida. We need to evaluate the specific trees and stumps to make sure we give you an accurate estimate for your job.
  • Your Location
    Where you are located matters. If you are closer to our office, we can usually help you to save a little money on your stump removal service. If we happen to be working on another property that is located near your property, then again, we can often save you some money on the project because we have a much shorter travel distance - saving both time and fuel, which we are happy to pass onto you.

Simply contact us to get a free quote from one of the leading stump removal companies in the Southwest Florida region.

In most cases, simply grinding a stump down is sufficient. Our machines can grind a stump down as much as 14 inches below the surface - which is more than enough depth to plant new bushes, grass, etc.

However, if the stump is located within the footprint of a new home, concrete slab, or pool - the stump must be removed. There is simply no option. Also, if your plan is to replace a tree with another large tree (or one that will grow to be a large tree) in the exact same place … it is often preferred to remove the stump completely for the health of the future tree.

We are committed to serving our customers across Collier County and Lee County as quickly as possible! As with any contractor, we are a little busier at certain times of the year than others. We can generally get to your property within a week to look at the stumps you want to have removed or ground down and provide you with an estimate for our stump removal service. If you choose to hire us to remove your stump(s), could be up to 2 to 4 weeks “out” before we can get to your property to remove the stumps. We will verify the specific timetable for YOUR stump removal project when we provide your estimate.

Yes! We understand that there are certain situations that property owners across the region face that are time sensitive. Whether you own a property in Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers anywhere in the South Florida region, you can count on us to do everything we can to help you meet difficult timetables.

Some of the most common reasons people have “emergency” stump removal or stump grinding needs is because another project is about to get started that requires the stumps to be “gone”. Whether you are getting a pool installed, having a sprinkler system installed, or a whole host of other home improvements that are so common in our area - sometimes that stump simply must be removed now!

We will attempt to accommodate even the most difficult timetables. These emergency projects are, of course, billed at a higher rate. These projects often require our team to put in overtime hours, or shuffle equipment from another job site - which will slow that project down. If you can get into our “normal schedule” you will save a little money on the project. However, if it is truly an emergency, we do have an option available to you that just might help!

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Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Cel Dup

Our condominium association has used this company for several years, and as president of the association, I highly recommend Trees N Stumps R Us. Ryan and his crew are thorough, knowledgeable, and fair. He is responsive to special requests and flexible with our scheduling. We recently had a community-wide trim of Areca palms, and it looks beautiful! We use this company for all of our tree trimming needs: palms, hardwoods, and more. As mentioned before, his pricing is extremely fair, and when the job is done, the community is spotless! I highly recommend this company, and I enjoy working with Ryan!

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Daniela De Pietto

Great service and great price! Today they did an amazing job in my property, I highly recommend them.

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Fred Clum

First time doing business with Trees N Stumps. Arrived on time, curtious uniformed team , got right to work and completed on time, on budget.Cambier Court of Naples

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Jeanne Marie

Ryan & his crew did a great job safely and efficiently removing a diseased palm just outside my lanai. I was impressed with his professionalism - he responded promptly, is licensed and insured (I checked both), cleaned up all the debris, and his crew had appropriate protective gear. I also found him to be very reasonably priced. Couldn't be more pleased!

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Barbara Davidson

We needed two large trees cut down and Ryan gave us a fair price and completed the job quickly a few days later. He and his crew did a fantastic job! We will be recommending him to friends and neighbors for sure! Barbara Davidson

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Mark Jones

Ryan and the team did an excellent job for my landscaping needs. Ryan is extremely prompt and very professional. He is a class act and honest. They quickly and efficiently completed some heavy duty bush and stump removal. The job could not have been done any better. I highly recommend him and his team! - Evan Jones.

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Ronda Z

Ryan was extremely kind and helpful and gave us a great deal! They did an awesome job taking down a huge oak for us that was next to a hedge and had a pool cage close by on both the north and south sides. Everything went perfectly with no damage, they knew exactly what they were doing! We look forward to using them again in the future!

Tree service company reviews in Naples Florida

Southbay263 Florida

Ryan and his crew where very professional, no nonsense, with a fair price and did a great job removing a large oak in a very tight space between my neighbor and I. No damage to our hedge, pool cages or my tomato plants! You can really tell the difference when your trees are trimmed/removed by a professional arborist! I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and his company, I highly recommend them! Thanks so much Ryan, I appreciate all you did and will be recommending you to my family, friends and clients.Top notch job, Thank you,Ruth Ann