Expert Tree Trimming and Pruning Services by Trees N Stumps R Us in the Collier County Area

Here in the Southwest Florida region, we have a wide variety of trees, plants, and shrubs that all require regular care to ensure they flourish and do not pose a risk during one of our intense Florida storms. Removing hazardous dead limbs that can damage property or cause injury when they fall, will promote new growth and tree health, control shape and aesthetic quality, increase strength by eliminating weak branches. If you need to improve your view for line of sight safety or curb appeal, reduce mold & mildew build up on your roof, or have branches rubbing against your house, then our tree trimming services by our pros will alleviate your problem.

Trees are a valuable asset to your property and our goal is to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Trees N Stumps R Us is proud to provide tree services to residential customers as well as commercial customers in the Collier County, FL area.

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Tree Services and Installation for Collier County, FL Area Properties

Planning and good communication are needed to successfully serve our customers. You can count on the professionals at Trees N Stumps R Us to offer safe, efficient, and complete tree services for homes and businesses in the Collier County, Florida area!

Types of services we offer in Collier County FL

Tree Trimming Collier County, Florida

We offer expert tree trimming and pruning services that will improve the overall health of your trees as well as enhance the look of your property. We strategically prune your trees to promote healthier growth and can remove any branches that may pose a safety risk.

Collier County Tree Trimming
Types of services we offer in Collier County FL

Tree Removal Collier County, Florida

We will thoroughly determine the best method of removal, secure the area on your property to prevent any damage, and remove any unsafe trees from your property. Our hard working crew will haul away any debris and leave your property looking great!

Types of services we offer in Collier County FL

Stump Removal Collier County, Florida

Not only do we remove nuisance trees but we can also remove the unsightly stump that remains. A stump grinder ensures a precise removal of the entire stump and our stump removal service is fast and affordable and we always clean up, leaving your property in outstanding shape.

Stump Removal
Types of services we offer in Collier County FL

Landscaping Collier County, Florida

For expert landscape design and installation services, you can count on Trees N Stumps R Us to give your Collier County, Florida property a new look that you can be proud of. Let us do the hard work so you can have time for the activities you love most!

Landscaping Services

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Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Countless Collier County residents and business owners have relied on the services of Trees N Stumps R Us for many years for reliable tree removal and landscaping installation solutions at reasonable prices. In both residential and commercial projects, we can provide an effective solution that meets your goals and budget.

Collier County Florida residential tree services company

Residential Tree Removal and Installation Services

Look no further than Trees N Stumps R Us for an excellent residential tree service company! We offer the best removal and installation solutions around for homeowners, no matter your needs. Our range of options will be sure to meet your most important needs for safety and beauty.

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Commercial Tree Removal and Installation Services

With 12 years of experience in the industry, Trees N Stumps R Us is the leading commercial tree company in the region. We've provided many businesses with commercial tree removal and installation services on many projects from large to small.

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If you need tree or stump removal, or tree trimming services, contact us to schedule a prompt estimate for your needs.

Tree Pruning and Removal Done Right with the Pros at Trees N Stumps R Us

At Trees N Stumps R Us, we provide our customers in the Collier County, Florida area with professional and expert tree trimming and removal at affordable prices and with expert techniques. We even offer up to 10% lower prices than our competitors because we want to build lasting relationships with our customers.

We have been providing landscaping services, stump grinding, and tree services in the Naples area for more than a decade - establishing our company as one of the premier tree service companies in the Collier County and Lee County, Florida region since 2009.

Our locally owned and operated business has a long record of satisfied customers in the Collier County area and you can be confident that when you choose to work with us, you will be happy you did!

The Trees N Stumps R Us Difference in Collier County Florida tree and stump removal services company

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We are continually collecting, creating, and adding to our board and we've even included some of our favorite tree and landscape installation projects across the Collier County region!

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We have been providing landscaping services, stump grinding, and tree services in the Collier County area since 2009 - establishing our company as one of the most experienced tree service companies in the Collier County, Florida region.

We offer professional tree removal, pruning, and trimming services as well as stump grinding and removal and landscaping installation services.

In most cases, simply grinding a stump down is sufficient. Our machines can grind a stump down as much as 14 inches below the surface - which is more than enough depth to plant new bushes, grass, etc.

However, if the stump is located within the footprint of a new home, concrete slab, or pool - the stump must be removed. There is simply no option. Also, if your plan is to replace a tree with another large tree (or one that will grow to be a large tree) in the exact same place... it is often preferred to remove the stump completely for the health of the future tree.

Most companies use the terms interchangeably but there is actually a difference. Tree pruning occurs annually before the tree's blooming cycle to remove dead and loose branches for the health and safety of the tree. Tree trimming occurs a few times a year (or more, depending on the tree) to manage the tree's shape and growth for aesthetics.

We are committed to serving our customers across Collier County and Lee County as quickly as possible! As with any contractor, we are a little busier at certain times of the year than at others. We can generally get to your property within a week to look at the tree(s) you need to have removed and will provide you with an estimate for our tree removal service. It will typically take up to 2 to 4 weeks before we can get to your property to remove the trees but we will verify the specific timetable for YOUR tree removal project when we provide your estimate.

We are located and service the Naples, Florida area, we also serve the neighboring towns of Bonita Springs, Lely, Marco Island, Estero, and Fort Myers with professional tree trimming services. We're also frequently spotted in Everglades City and in many other towns throughout Collier County, Florida - where other tree service companies often do not serve.

Landscaping and Tree Service Examples in Collier County, Florida

We are sharing photos of the tree services and landscaping installations we've completed for our clients in Collier County, Florida as an example of our work.

Providing reliable, professional service to the residents and business owners of Collier County is our top priority. We are proud to share these examples of just a sampling of the tree and landscaping projects we've completed in your area. If you are looking for a specific service for your Collier County property, get in touch with our office by using our contact form on our website or by giving us a call and we will be happy to provide the services you need.

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